Auto Detailing

Many of us don’t bother to give our cars the care and attention they need until a problem arises. Because we’re so focused on the mechanical side of things, the car’s finer details often go unnoticed. Keeping the car clean is important, but it only touches the surface. Too busy to wax and polish all of your vehicle’s nooks and crannies? Smith Bros Mobile Detailing is here to help, and we bring our services to you.

#1 Mini Detail

Cars from $89 | SUVs from $99


  • 100% Eco-Friendly Hand Wash
  • Condition w/ Wash ‘n Wax Solution
  • Extensive Interior Cleaning
  • Clean Windows
  • Apply Dressing to Tires
  • Detail Wheels

#2 Exterior Detail

Cars from $149 | SUVs from $169


  • Includes Mini Detail
  • Clay Treatment Service
  • Apply Premium Wax w/ Orbital Polisher or by Hand
  • Apply UV Protectant to Trim
  • Wheels Hand Polished


#3 Interior Detail

Cars from $149 | SUVs from $169

  • Deep Cleaning of all Interior
  • Steam Carpets, Mats, & Fabric Seats
  • Leather Cleaned and Conditioned
  • Clean & Dress Dash, Door Panels & Console

#4 Complete Detail

Cars from $199 | SUVs from $249


  • Includes Exterior & Interior Detail

#5 The Ultimate Detail

Cars from $399 | SUVs from $499


  • Includes Complete Detail
  • Apply Polymer Paint Sealant to all Painted Surfaces
  • Apply Fabric Protection to all Carpet & Upholstery
  • Apply UV Protection to Dash, Door Panels & Console
  • Ideal For New Vehicle Application

All prices are subject to change. Vehicles that are excessively dirty, oversized, or require extra labor due to oxidation removal or polishing are subject to additional costs.

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