Smith Bros Auto Odor Removal San Diego

There's nothing quite as refreshing as stepping into a car and breathing in a crisp, clean aroma. But over time, odors can creep in. Maybe you had a meal on the go, or your furry friend decided to take a surprise ride. Whatever the reason, these smells can linger and affect the overall experience of driving. But worry not! Smith Brothers is here to bring the freshness back to your vehicle.
Why Address Car Odors?

The inside of a car is like a small, sealed box. When unwanted smells enter, they get trapped. This not only makes your car rides unpleasant but can also affect the overall atmosphere, making it feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Furthermore, these odors can be a sign of bacteria or mold, which isn’t something you want to breathe in!

Our Solution Packages

Odor Remediation ($90/hr)

Odor remediation using an enzyme cleaner to treat areas of contamination, smoke, vomit, spills, pet stains, urine, feces. For best results, we recommend adding the Ozone.


Treatment addon • Ozone Treatment ($175)

Ozone generator designed to remove airborne odors from vehicle interior including ventilation system. For best results, use with Odor Removal addon.

How Does Smith Brothers Help?

1. Expert Evaluation: Our team starts by examining your car to determine the source of the odor. This helps us choose the most effective method for removal.

2. Deep Cleaning: Most odors embed themselves in the fabric or leather of your car seats, the carpet, and other porous materials. We give your car a deep clean, ensuring we reach even the most stubborn smell sources.

3. Ozone Treatment: Sometimes, cleaning isn’t enough. That’s when we employ ozone treatment. Harnesses the power of ozone molecules to neutralize and eliminate stubborn odors, providing a fresh and clean environment. 

4. Preventive Measures: Post-cleaning, we provide tips and products to keep your car smelling fresh. A little maintenance can go a long way.

Why Choose Smith Brothers?

Experience: We’ve been in the auto odor removal business for years. This has given us the expertise to tackle even the most challenging odors.

Eco-friendly: At Smith Brothers, we prioritize your health and the environment. Our cleaning agents are eco-friendly, ensuring no harm comes to you or our planet.

Customer Satisfaction: For us, it’s not just about removing odors; it’s about ensuring you have a pleasant experience. Our team is trained to provide friendly and efficient service every time.

In the end, your car should be a place of relaxation and joy, not a source of discomfort due to stubborn odors. Let Smith Brothers help you reclaim the freshness of your vehicle. Drive with pride, breathe in deeply, and remember – for odors, we’ve got your back!