Frequently Asked Questions

I just scheduled a mobile detailing appointment. Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

You will receive a confirmation prior to your appointment, and on the day of we will arrive in your scheduled time slot. Our mobile detailers come ready with fully self-container deionized water and electric generators. You will not need to provide anything for us aside from your car. We ensure the work area is clean when the job is completed.

Please remove any personal belongings/large debris from the vehicle prior to your appointment, so we can give your car the best detail possible. We do not clean glove boxes or center consoles unless given approval by the client.

When can I expect my technician to arrive?

When you reserve an appointment for a specific time, you are reserving a time window for us to arrive. Your technician will text you when en route:

  • For morning appointments (7am-9am), the technician will arrive within a one hour window of your scheduled time.
  • For late morning/early afternoon appointments (10am-1pm), the technician will arrive within a two hour window of your scheduled time.
  • For afternoon appointments (2pm-5pm), the technician will arrive within a three hour window of your scheduled time.
I have multiple cars that I want detailed, but I can't seem to schedule it online.

We have lots of customers that have us detail multiple cars during the same appointment. We would be happy to get you scheduled. Please give us a call at 760-310-1532 to book your appointment.

Can you detail cars anywhere?

We want to make sure our technicians are working in a safe environment. While we are able to detail in most areas (driveways, parking lots, etc.), we do not work near busy streets or in locations where we may put our technicians at risk.

Can you detail cars in apartment complexes or townhomes?

Yes! We are fully mobile and can details cars anywhere. If there is not room, we can move the vehicle to an open space on the property. Even if HOA’s do not allow people to wash cars on the property, we use a wash mat and no water will touch the ground. HOA’s will usually permit this. No footprint left behind!

What payment methods do you accept?

At Smith Bros, we accept cash, check, credit card, or Venmo.

Do I pay before or after my appointment?

You can do either! You have the option to pay ahead of time on our online scheduler or you can pay when the technician has completed the appointment.

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