Boat Detailing

Smith Bros Mobile Detailing understands that boats require a special breed of maintenance—it’s not just about making the watercraft look great on the water, it’s also about preserving the quality of craftsmanship. Polishing and waxing your boat at least twice a year will help protect it against environmental wear and tear. Boats are exposed to salt water and ultraviolet rays that can destroy the hull and deck, making proper care and maintenance a requirement. Schedule a pre– or post-season detailing today to ensure that your watercraft is protected and looking great for seasons to come.

#1 Premium Wash

$6-8 per linear ft.

  • 100% Eco-Friendly Hand Wash
  • Condition Boat w/ Wash n’ Wax Solution
  • Clean Trailer and Dress Tires
  • Vacuum Interior Thoroughly
  • Clean Windows

#2 Exterior Detail

$10-12 per linear ft.

  • Includes Premium Wash
  • Apply Premium Marine Wax by Hand and/or with Orbital Polisher
  • Hand Polish Railings & Britework
  • Apply UV Protectant to Trim

#3 Interior Dertail

$8 per linear ft.

  • Includes Premium Wash
  • Shampoo All Carpeted Areas
  • Extensive Cleaning of all Interior
  • Clean & Condition Seats, Console, & Vinyl Surfaces

#4 Complete Detail

$12-15 per linear ft.

  • Includes Interior & Exterior Detail

All prices are subject to change. Boats that are excessively dirty, oversized, or require extra labor due to oxidation removal are subject to additional costs.

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