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From car detailing to boat detailing, we bring the best auto detailing services right to your door to save you time and effort!

Whether it’s a family car, or an entire fleet of company vehicles, all motor vehicles need regular maintenance in order to perform their best. However, it can be difficult to find everything you need under one roof. That’s where Smith Bros Mobile Detaining comes in.

With over 25 years of experience in mobile detailing, Smith Bros Mobile Detailing is your one-stop shop for mobile detailing. From basics like interior detailing and exterior detailing to specialized treatments like clay bar treatment, ozone treatment, and ceramic coating, we offer it all; that too, at the best possible mobile detailing prices in Rancho Santa Fe!


The Best Mobile Detailing Services in Rancho Santa Fe

At Smith Bros Mobile Detailing, have a number of packages and services you can choose from. We understand auto detailing isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and offer various options you can customize to work for your unique needs. Check out our comprehensive mobile detailing services below.

Exterior Detail

Exterior detailing isn’t a traditional car wash. We work hard to restore your vehicle to its former glory by buffing out imperfections, hand-polishing the wheels, and using both clay treatments and UV protectants. This also includes light interior cleaning, so the inside matches the great outside.

Interior Detail

We know that the interior of your vehicle is where you spend the most amount of time. That’s why we use deep-cleaning techniques to tackle every surface, including interior seats, carpets, mats, door panels, and the console. At the end of this service, your vehicle is sure to look brand-new.

Complete Detailing

Why settle for one or the other? Get the best of both worlds by opting for complete detailing. We’ll remove all the grime and the dirt to ensure your vehicle looks its best from both the outside and the inside.

Headlight Restoration

Say goodbye to cloudy headlights with our comprehensive headlight restoration services. We improve their appearance and enhance night visibility by removing the built-up oxidation that causes the foggy appearance you may see. Our experts clean and polish your headlights for maximum visibility.

Clay Bar Treatment

A typical wash and wax aren’t enough to maintain your car’s appearance. Clay bar treatment can take aesthetics and shine to another level by removing all sorts of contaminants from the car’s surface. The naked eye can’t see all the dust and dirt stuck in your car’s paint, but clay bar treatment ensures all the build-up is removed, leaving your vehicle left spotless.

Car Odor Removal

When your car is filled with the odor of cigarette smoke or other unpleasant, lingering smells, the go-to move is to use sprays or deodorizers. However, these also work temporarily. Opt for permanent car odor removal by hiring Smith Bros Mobile Detailing. We use a professional air cleaner and an ozone treatment to remove the root cause of any smells in your car.

Paint Sealant

The hot weather in Rancho Santa Fe can be great when you’re looking to sunbathe but can damage your car paint. Use paint sealant to protect your car paint from the hot sun, salty air, bird droppings, and other contaminants that your car comes into contact with.

Ceramic Coating

Are you tired of repeatedly waxing your car because it doesn’t last too long? Ceramic coating may be the right choice for you. This creates a permanent, hydrophobic barrier that doesn’t break down or wash away. In addition to offering protection, it makes your vehicle easier to clean, prevents marring, and saves money and time on maintenance.

Mobile Detailing Gallery

Mobile Detailing Isn’t Limited to Your Car

Keep your motorcycle road-ready and performing its best by investing in mobile detailing services.

RV Detailing

An RV may be your home away from home. Whether you’re living in it or simply using it from season to season, it needs maintenance. Our mobile detailing services bring your RV back to life by coming to your door.


Motorcycle Detailing

Keep your motorcycle road-ready and performing its best by investing in mobile detailing services.


Boat Detailing

It’s about more than looks – our boat detailing services can help you extend the lifespan of your vessel.


Your Go-To Mobile Detailing Service in Rancho Santa Fe

At Smith Bros Mobile Detailing, we believe that auto detailing shouldn’t be a hassle – it should be convenient and readily available. That’s why we bring professional auto detailing services to you. Our mobile detailing makes it easy for you to get your car detailed on your schedule with minimal effort on your part.

Just call us, sit back, and relax – we’ll get your car looking showroom-ready without breaking the bank.

Are you interested in our comprehensive mobile detailing services? Call us at (760) 310-1532 to book a time.


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Our Reviews Speak For Themselves!

“Very happy with Smith Brothers! I had a reply from email inquiry in minutes. They were on time, COVID safe, polite, and did a fantastic job on my SUV. We’re going to have them come back and do my husbands car.”

Robin Z.

“My dog had an accident on the cloth seat and they were able to get the smell out and cleaned my car for under $100. They were timely and safe (wore masks) and came to me. Would recommend. Thanks guys!”

Amy R.

“Our boat had been neglected and needed lots of love. One guy started on it and later joined by another detailer resulting in a gorgeous display. We are so excited to get this back on the water. Thanks Smith Bros!!”

Troy S.