Mobile Auto Detailing Santee

Providing Santee with a Top-Notch Mobile Auto Washing Service

In Santee, the best option for thorough vehicle washing is SMITH BROS MOBILE DETAILING. Using a variety of services, we look after automobiles, boats, and recreational vehicles. We offer alternatives for deep cleaning, odor elimination, strong protective coating, and other specific treatments, as well as thorough interior and outside cleaning.

We also offer mobile cleaning for different automobiles, including cars, boats, and recreational vehicles. Your individual demands are the focus of our knowledgeable team’s commitment to you. We guarantee to arrive at your site on time with state-of-the-art equipment and more than 25 years of experience, and to leave your vehicles looking like brand-new showroom models!

Car Detailing is Now Available in the Santee Area!

We at Santee Car Detailing are extremely meticulous when taking care of your vehicle because we love vehicles so much. We use the best materials available to give your car a stunning appearance on the inside and outside. Our team is very skilled at what they do, and to make your automobile appear fantastic, they employ the newest techniques and premium materials. We treat every car like a work of art, whether it means giving it a thorough cleaning, repairing the paint, or applying a unique protective layer. When you bring your car to us, we turn it into a genuine work of art.

We provide a variety of alternatives for car maintenance, and we can even create a plan that’s perfect for you. Here are some services we may do for your vehicle:

Interior Mobile Detail

Keep the interior of your automobile immaculate with our interior mobile detailing services. We always make sure the interior of your automobile is spotless. We deep clean things like the carpets and seats, vacuuming and shampooing them to make them look fantastic.

We also use a special, non-greasy cleaner to clean all of the seats, and we employ specialized steam cleaning equipment to clean the dashboard and other interior components of your automobile. All the dirt and bacteria are eliminated by this meticulous process. We also give it a pleasant scent.

Exterior Mobile Detail

Occasionally, individuals mistakenly believe that exterior detailing is the same as a typical car wash. But in practice, it’s a lengthy, extremely cautious procedure. We invest a lot of effort into resolving any issues, hand-polishing the wheels, applying protective wax, caring for the paint, and making sure it is well-protected.

Complete Mobile Detail

When it comes to your car, you shouldn’t accept anything less than the best. How your automobile feels inside and out has a significant impact on how much you like driving. Thus, why accept less?

Your automobile may look fantastic inside and out with the help of our thorough cleaning service. Gaining the best of both worlds is how it feels.

You’ll notice how your automobile feels brand-new when you use our extremely thorough cleaning. Prepare to enjoy the best of both worlds while driving a vehicle.

Headlight Restoration

Your car can be made safer and more attractive with the help of our headlight restoration service. Your headlights may get yellow and foggy with time, making it more difficult to see at night and reducing the attractiveness of your car.

Be at ease, though! We have knowledgeable specialists who can correct it. To restore the clarity and brightness of your headlights, they employ unique techniques. They remove the foggy material and any other issues, making your headlights appear brand-new and improving your nighttime driving vision.

Upholstery Detailing

Having your seats and interior cleaned makes a significant impact, whether your automobile is new, old, or somewhere in between. Your car looks considerably nicer both inside and out as a result. When we’re finished, you’ll see a tremendous improvement because how your seats look actually affects how your whole car looks!

Boat Maintenance and Cleaning in Santee

So that you may spend more time on the lake enjoying yourself, Smith Bros. in Santee makes cleaning and maintaining your boat simple. Our offerings are tailored to your boat’s requirements. Following is what we do:

  • For the outside, we use secure cleaners.
  • The exterior is properly waxed.
  • We thoroughly clean every area with carpeting.
  • We polish the vinyl surfaces, clean the seats, and make the console look wonderful.

Each bundle comes with a few more items from which you can select to customize the appearance of your boat. To find the best approach to maintain your boat and have more fun on the water, check out our various boat cleaning alternatives.


Mobile RV Detailing in Santee

We don’t just take care of vehicles at Smith Bros Mobile Detailing; we also take care of RVs right here in Santee. To ensure that your RV receives the greatest care, our meticulous professionals travel to you. Everything is done by us, including polishing the outside and mending the paint as well as deep-cleaning the interior and caring for the seats.

This makes sure that wherever you go, your RV is always in good condition, durable, and clean. We specialize in providing excellent mobile service only for RVs. You can rely on us to carefully maintain your unique RV so that it is secure and prepared for all of your excursions.



For more than 20 years, we have provided excellent automobile washing services in Santee. We are able to clean cars wherever they are since we have very good skills, a wealth of knowledge, and the most up-to-date equipment. You can rely on us to always deliver excellent work.


Smith Bros. is environmentally conscious. When we clean cars, we utilize environmentally friendly and humane cleaning agents. By doing this, we can guarantee the continued health of everyone and everything.

Certified and Licensed

Trained professionals who are licensed, bonded, and insured make up our team. You may be sure that the best experts in the area are providing you with top-notch service.