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As a top-rated mobile detailing company in Vista, we are proud to offer our broad range of services near you. We’ve got you covered for all your detailing needs, like exterior and interior paint and detailing, upholstery detailing, ozone treatment, bar clay treatment. These detailing services provide extra protection for your car, ensuring its long life and preserving its look. Detailing is not just limited to cars! We also provide motorcycle, RV, and truck detailing!

We take it upon ourselves to ensure we provide high-quality mobile detailing services for your car and you get the results you were looking for all along. With more experience under our treads, our washing, coating, and other mobile auto detailing services are all geared specifically towards your requirements. We have what you need to make your vehicle just like new!


Using Only The Best Products to Ensure The Best Results

To deliver results that truly reflect your car’s beauty and your love for it, our mobile detailing service in Vista relies only on the best, environmentally-friendly mobile auto detailing equipment. It is our quality and regard for customer service that sets us apart from the competition. We want you to stay confident when coming to us and when using your vehicle.

From cleaning chemicals to upholstery shampoos, wax, sealants, and ceramic coatings, every product is there to ensure long-lasting results. Want that new-car smell? Want the leather to regain its true richness? Or simply want your dashboard to shine like new? Smith Bros Mobile Detailing in Vista is just a call away! We take pride in making your vehicle cleaner than ever while using as little water as possible.


Our Mobile Car Detailing Services in Vista – What To Expect?

With minimal and cost-effective mobile auto detailing prices, we are dedicated to giving you the ability to choose. You choose from our variety of stand-alone services, enjoying them as is, as packages, or as customized solutions. Our car detailing services include:

Interior Mobile Detail

With the right soap, shampoo, water pressure, and added chemicals (as needed for lasting effect), our interior mobile detail service in Vista ensures that every surface of your car is cleaned and conditioned thoroughly. And yes, it also includes the ever-neglected door panels and handles!

Exterior Mobile Detail

Drive in style and comfort by showing your car some love. We give you remarkable results at cost-effective prices with a broad range of mobile auto detailing equipment at our disposal and premium finishing techniques. You’ll also get some light interior detailing with this option on the house.

Complete Mobile Detail

Why choose between two good things when you can enjoy them both at the same time? Our complete mobile auto detailing service includes a deep cleaning session on the inside and out, giving you a fully serviced, shining car from every angle. Now that’s how you make an impression!

Headlight Restoration

Eyes are windows to the soul, and headlights are the medium of your car’s beauty. If you’re worried about dull or discolored headlights, let us help you restore them to their former self. Our headlight restoration service reflects Vista’s mobile auto detailing industry at its finest.

Upholstery Detailing

Show your car some love by giving it something new, but at a fraction of the price. The upholstery of your car doesn’t just reflect on your car’s interior, but its exterior aesthetic as well. Smith Bros is here to help you bring the upholstery to its former, smooth and shiny self in no time!

Ozone Treatment

Miss that new-car smell from your car? Want to get rid of the smells left by cigarettes, pets, and pollutants? Our ozone treatment is perfect for eliminating any bacteria, mold, mildew, and other nasty-smelling organisms. When coupled with our interior mobile detail, ozone treatment will get you to experience that new-car feeling each time.

Paint Sealant

Protect your car paint against the Vista heat, children, traffic, and bird droppings in one go with our state-of-the-art paint sealants. No exterior mobile detail is complete without a way for the service to stick around. Our new nano-tech-based sealants give you protection for up to 2 years in one go!

Clay Bar Treatment

Vista has a lot of pigeons, and sometimes removing their droppings may require some extra force, which can cause scratches. Instead of scratching the surface, we use high-quality silicone-based lubricants when claying your car, giving you that lustrous finish your car had when it was new.

Ceramic Coating

The pinnacle of all mobile detailing services, the ceramic coating adds a layer of robust protection to your vehicle’s exterior, protecting it from dirt, debris, and scratches alike. With gloss and matt options available, you can even change your car’s outlook and color at a fraction of the cost!

Mobile Detailing Gallery

Our Mobile Detailing Servicesin Vista Isn’t Just Limited to Cars!

Whether it’s your car, truck, RV, or beloved motorcycle, it is a primal instinct for every person to take care of their ride. Smith Bros understands your love for your vehicle runs deep and, therefore, has dedicated experts and mobile auto detailing equipment to help you protect and beautify it. Our detailing options include, but aren’t limited to:

Boat Detailing

Our boat detailing service aims to improve your boat’s performance, protect its finish, and keep it clean. We also do paint corrections and coatings to ensure your boat stands out from the rest!

Motorcycle Detailing in Vista

Ride in style and with confidence, knowing that your motorcycle is safe from debris on- and off-road.


RV Mobile Detailing in Vista

Live on the road with mobile auto detailing near you, geared specifically to your needs in every way.


We can offer a lot more as we move towards providing more value to all those across San Diego county. Show your vehicle some love, or tell the other person you care by giving them an e-gift card today. What could be better than caring for what the other person loves?

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“So glad we hired Smith Bros to detail our neighbor’s car after our house painter over-sprayed. The car looks amazing and came in UNDER the quote given!! They were on time, professional and seemed grateful for the opportunity. “

Angie R.

“There were scratches and swirls everywhere. By the time he was done, it looked brand new. Kevin was professional, courteous, and very talented at his profession. I will definitely get work done only by them every single time. Thanks!”

Andrew A.

“Excellent experience all around from Luke on scheduling to Kevin who did the detailing. Super knowledgeable, quick/effective communications and first rate workmanship. There is a reason this business has five stars across the board.”

Mark M.