Motorcycle Detailing

We at Smith Bros view Motorcycle detailing as art work and just like art work you need to keep up on the regular maintenance to uphold the bikes value. We want to help you uphold your bikes value. Let the professionals at Smith Bros make your work of art shine!

All Motorcycle Detailing Includes:

Street Bikes: $120 | Cruisers and Harley’s: $150
  • Wash & degrease bike.
  • Remove bugs and tar.
  • Clean, polish & detail the frame.
  • Clean & detail the instrument clusters.
  • Clean, polish & detail the rims & spokes.
  • Clean, polish & wax the fenders.
  • Clean, polish & wax the gas tank.
  • Clean & condition all leather.
  • Clean & polish exhaust pipes.

All prices are subject to change. Motorcycles that are excessively dirty, oversized, or require extra labor due to oxidation removal or polishing are subject to additional costs.

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