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Family Owned Mobile Motorcycle Detailing

Serving All Cities in San Diego, South Orange,
and South Riverside Counties

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Celebrating 25+ Years in Business

We Bring Motorcycle Detailing to You!

All Motorcycle Detailing Includes:

Street Bikes, Cruisers, and Harley’s: $150
  • Wash & degrease bike.
  • Remove bugs and tar.
  • Clean, polish & detail the frame.
  • Clean & detail the instrument clusters.
  • Clean, polish & detail the rims & spokes.
  • Clean, polish & wax the fenders.
  • Clean, polish & wax the gas tank.
  • Clean & condition all leather.
  • Clean & polish exhaust pipes.

Most motorcycle details are $150; includes up to two hours of labor or less depending on the condition. Additional labor after two hours is $35 per 30 minutes with client’s approval. Rust, oxidation, neglect, spoke wheels, or heavy use could require more than two hours of labor. All prices are subject to change.

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