Window Tinting Disclaimer & Expectations

The following information is to inform you of the international window film industry standards & expectations of automotive window tinting installation services.


Window Film Curing/Drying Time

A standard 3-Day period is mandatory before rolling down your windows to allow for full adhesion. It is essential to avoid rolling down the windows during this period to prevent any damage to the film.

What contributes to drying times? Automotive window film curing and drying times depend on various factors such as film thickness, weather conditions, and the type of adhesive.

Generally, the curing time for most automotive window films is around 1-3 days, during which the adhesive fully sets, and the film adheres to the window. Excess water or solution left over from the installation process will usually dry within a few hours.

It is recommended to wait at least 3 Days before cleaning the film to ensure that it has fully cured and adhered to the window surface.


Black Dotted Edges (DOT Matrix)

Most cars have black ceramic dotted edges on side and rear windows which can be identified as “tiny edge dots”. Sometimes these ceramic edges are straight and flat, and sometimes it will have a dotted edge.

These black ceramic dots are thick on most cars and prevent the window film from sticking to the glass area between the dots.

This results in a white-ish looking finish trimming the glass. In most scenarios, this goes unnoticed by most vehicle owners. However, the effect is unavoidable. This does not affect the performance or durability of the film and is perfectly natural.


Shades & Color Disclaimer

Manufacturers and Smith Bros do NOT provide any refunds or warranty claims due to a change in look/color once a client chooses shades and film is installed.

Manufacturers and Smith Bros™ will not issue any refunds for citations or failed inspections.

All vehicle owners are responsible for being aware and abiding by the laws in which the vehicle will be operating in. 


Window Film & Decal Removal

Smith Bros™ will remove any current stickers the vehicle is equipped with to ensure maximum window film adhesion and prevent any future lifting and/or bubbling.

Window Film removals may cause the glass and/or defroster to be damaged. This is NOT an installer technique issue, this is directly determined by the quality build of the defrosters from the manufacturer (which is out of our control).

By authorizing Smith Bros to proceed with film removal, the client hereby acknowledges the risk, waives any claims against Smith Bros and agrees that Smith Bros will not be liable in the event that damage does occur during the removal process. 


Natural Imperfections

Though we strive for perfection in our installations, due to the nature of the product, natural element, & vehicle condition (even when new) some degree of dust or particles and/or minor imperfections are present in every window film application.

Pre-existing flaws, scratches, knicks, metal deposits on the glass are often much more noticeable after the window(s) is tinted.

Older vehicles will have more imperfections due to age. Some newer vehicles will have small stains in exterior of the windows only visible after a film installed. 

What causes the imperfections to stand out after a window tinting installation is the addition of a dark background versus a clear glass before it is window tinted.


Windshield Film Installations

There will be minor natural imperfections present in every windshield film installation. 

Do not apply any decals or windshield accessories on windshield for 7 days. Polarized glasses cause a rainbow effect when seeing through.

There are no refunds or warranty coverage on rainbow effect due to wearing polarized sunglasses. 


California Law On Window Film Tints

Front side windows must allow more than 70% VLT (visible light transmission) or more. This means that the window film’s VLT + the natural glass must be 70% or more.

Back side windows and rear windows may have any darkness if the vehicle is equipped with side mirrors.

California window tint law restricts windshield tint to the top 4 inches of the windshield using a non-reflective tint.

Smith Bros will install whatever VLT film our customers choose but will NOT be held responsible for any citations for violations of California law regarding tint.

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